Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points is a management system that has been made specifically for the measurement of food safety and that of food-related products. HACCP follows a comprehensive process to analyse all phases a food product goes through during the production. These tests are done to detect any risks in the safety of these products at physical, microbiological and chemical levels, which can be rectified during the processing.

If you're in a competitive business, producing primarily or manufacturing food services globally for a wide consumer range, we recommend HACCP management system for your company as it gives it the stamp of a well-recognized global food safety quality management system, which gives your company an added edge over all the other companies without a HACCP compliance.

HACCP and ISO certification, despite being completely different quality management systems can be merged together to a product or can also be mutually exclusive of each other. At the same time, both of these standards can work easily together as one management system, meeting the guidelines of both ISO 9000 and that of an HACCP management system.

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